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2016-2018 ePortfolio audit

The Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand’s Use of Professional Supervision as a Condition On Scope of Practice (2019)

The 2013-15 Review of the Competencies for Registration for Occupational Therapists” (2018)

Supervision Review Report for the Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand (2012)

An Examination f the Preparedness for Practice of New Zealand New Graduate Occupational Therapists (2011)

Occupational Therapist Workforce – m4k1ng sens5e of 7he numbers

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Strategic Plan 2018-2021

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Strategic Plan to 2015


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Past Consultations

Recertification Programme

We consulted with the profession and key stakeholders about the proposal to introduce a Recertification Programme for (i) New Graduates, (ii) those Returning to Practice, (iii) Overseas practitioners including Trans-Tasman applications and (iv) Restoration to the Register. We received submissions from 5 practitioners and the Occupational Therapy Board of Australia. We have decided to establish the Recertification Programme. However, this would not apply to practitioners applying for registration under the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recognition Agreement. More information will be available on our website shortly.

Naming Policy

The Board was required to adopt a naming policy by changes to the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act in 2019. We consulted with the profession and key stakeholders about the draft policy and received 4 submissions. Changes were made to the policy in response, and the Board approved the final policy at its last meeting. The final policy can be found here. Submissions can be found here.

English Language Policy

We consulted with the profession and stakeholders and received submissions to change the policy. The final policy can be found here