Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand

I am a Practitioner

What you need to know before you practise

As a practitioner in Aotearoa New Zealand, you’re responsible for making sure you’re registered while you’re practising. You gain registration with us, the Occupational Therapy Board. We ensure the public’s safety by ensuring you’re competent and fit to practise.

You’re also required to hold an annual Practising Certificate. You’ll need to re-certify for this each year. To re-certify, your ePortfolio information must be up to date and you’ll need to show your continued development against our competencies.

Once we’ve granted you registration and issued you a Practising Certificate, you’re legally allowed to work as an occupational therapist in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Practising Certificate Renewal 

myOTBNZ user guide (PDF)
How to use myOtbnz for practitioners.

Practising Certificate Renewal Policy (PDF)
Our policy for renewing your practising certificate.

Late Practising Certificate Renewal Policy (PDF)
Our Policy for late renewal of your practising certificate.

Policy on when Registration and a Practising Certificate are required (PDF) (Under review)
Our policy to give you guidance on when registration and a practising certificate is required.

OTBNZ Registered Practitioner Logo Style Guide (PDF)
The OTBNZ has a “OTBNZ Registered Logo” for practitioner use. If you would like to use this logo then please email enquiries.