Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand

I am returning to practice

You may be thinking about taking a break from practising. Maybe you’re going back to study, having a baby or are off on your big overseas experience. We acknowledge that everyone needs a break.

If you plan to return to practice, we suggest you retain your registration and continue to get information from us. You can do this by paying a registration maintenance fee. 

If you’re a previously registered occupational therapist and your name has been removed from the register, you can apply to have it restored.

If you’re planning a break

It’s easier to return to practice when you feel a sense of connectedness with the profession. Some ways to consider keeping your professional connectedness are:

  • keeping links with your occupational therapy colleagues
  • keeping up with current theories and models of practice
  • keeping up with current influences on the profession
  • belonging to the New Zealand Association for Occupational Therapists or local networking groups
  • post-graduate training and /or attending in-service training and education in your area
  • ensuring you keep your myOTBNZ and ePortfolio records up to date
  • maintaining your registration with us.

If you’re returning from a break

When returning to practice, you must ensure you’re registered and hold a current Practising Certificate.

If you’ve been away for more than three years, we’ll need to assess your competence. For more information about the Return to Practice process, please click the ‘General Information’ button in the sidebar.

If you want to restore your name to the register

If your name has been removed from the Register, you’ll need to apply for your name to be restored to the Register and for a Practising Certificate before returning to practice.

For more information about the Restoration process, please click the ‘General Information’ button in the sidebar.

Letter of Good Standing

If your break is from Aotearoa New Zealand and you’re planning to practise in the country you move to, you should request a Letter of Good Standing from us.

Request for Verification of Registration Certificate (DOC) 
The form you need to complete and return to us with payment to receive verification of registration.