How to get a Practising Certificate

To practise in Aotearoa New Zealand you need a current Practising Certificate. It’s illegal to practise without one.  You can apply for your first Practising Certificate as part of your online registration application. Every year after that, you must recertify.

Practising Certificates are valid from 1 April to 31 March. Each year, we notify all registered practitioners when we open the recertification process. We do this by email, so be sure your information is current in myOTBNZ.

Steps to receive your first Practising Certificate

There are 2 steps to receive your first Annual Practising Certificate:

  • read about our requirements
  • apply and pay for your Annual Practising Certificate.

1. Read about our requirements

Once registered, you’ll be expected to maintain your competence and record how you do this using our ePortfolio tool.

Recertification Policy (PDF, 235KB, 5 pages)
Our policy on recertifying each year.

Policy on When Registration and a Practising Certificate are Required (PDF, 715KB,10 pages)
Our policy on your requirements to be registered and hold a Practising Certificate.

Fitness Policy (PDF, 369KB, 7 pages)
If you have a health condition or conviction.

Keeping your competence current

Once you commence practising, you’ll be expected to maintain your competence and record how you do this using our ePortfolio tool.

ePortfolio tool
Our tool for you to record your professional development against our competencies. You can access ePortfolio through your myOTBNZ login.

ePortfolio handbook (PDF, 5.9MB, 34 Pages)
A guide to help you use e-Portfolio to your best advantage.

OTBNZ competence examination information (DOC, 294KB, 2 pages)
Information you’ll need if we decide to test your competence

2. Apply and pay for your practising certificate

Our tool for you to use when applying for your Practising Certificate. 
You can submit your entire application including the fee online through myOTBNZ.

Practising Certificate Application Form (DOC, 379KB, 10 page )
A paper application form for a practising certificate.

Our Fees (DOC, 294KB, 1 page )
Find out the fee for recertifying.

A Practising Certificate application usually includes a third party attestation. You do not need to include this if you are not currently practising in Aotearoa New Zealand.