Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand

I am an employer

Registered Occupational Therapists Fit to Practice

As an employer of occupational therapists you’ll need information on:

How your Occupational Therapists prove their competence

Occupational therapists must demonstrate threshold competence in each of our five competence areas. They must maintain the required standard of competence to obtain a Practising Certificate. Evidence of competency is shown through professional development and reflective practice.

Competencies for Registration and Continuing Practice Handbook (PDF)
Detailed information on the competencies required for registration and continuing practice as an Occupational Therapist in New Zealand.

Make sure your employees are registered

As an employer of occupational therapists you must ensure your employees are registered with us and hold a current Practising Certificate.

Our register lists all currently registered occupational therapists. You can search it to make sure the occupational therapists you employ are registered.  

Understand the Scope of Practice your employees work within

The General Scope of Practice defines how occupational therapists work and the qualifications they most have.

General Scope of Practice (PDF)
The definition of Scope you work under as an occupational therapist and the qualifications you must have.

Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003
Some information about the HPCA Act 2003, which we operate under.

Be aware that your employees need supervision

Your employees will require supervision throughout their time with you. You can either provide this yourself (if you’re a registered occupational therapist) or welcome the supervisor your employee has chosen.

Supervision Requirements for Occupational Therapists (PDF)
Guide on supervision requirements for occupational therapists.

Make sure your employees are fit to practise

Occupational therapists practising in Aotearoa New Zealand are held to a standard of conduct within the Board’s Code of Ethics. You’ll need to ensure your employees are fit to practise, and that they provide safe and competent care to the public.

Competencies for Registration and Continuing Practise (PDF)
Information on the five key areas you need to remain competent in, what is expected from you and how to demonstrate your competency.

Code of Ethics (PDF)
The ethical standards occupational therapists must adhere

Fitness Policy (PDF)
Policy to efficiently and consistently assess registration in regards to fitness