Supervision, competence and fitness

Supervision and Conditions

Supervision Requirements for Occupational Therapists (PDF, 850KB, 16 pages)
Your guide to supervision as an Occupational Therapist.

Quick Guide to Supervision (PDF, 125KB, 2 pages)
A quick reference for the different types of supervision.

Policy on Standard Conditions  (PDF, 310KB, 4 pages)
Our policy for the standard conditions you may have on your scope of practice.

Fact Sheet – Standard Conditions (PDF, 221KB, 4 pages)
An overview of standard conditions and their requirements.


Available Supervisors Directory (PDF, 629KB, 26 pages)
A list of Supervisors who wish to make their supervision services publicly available.

Supervision Log Example (DOC, 41KB, 1 pages)
A template supervision log for you to use to record your supervision sessions.

Supervision Agreement Example (PDF, 228KB, 3 pages)
A template supervision agreement.

Supervisor Expression of Interest Form (DOC, 54KB, 3 pages)
If you wish to make your supervision services publicly available, please complete this form and return to


Removal of Conditions Process Guide (PDF, 213KB, 1 pages)
This flowchart provides an easy to understand overview of the removal of condition process.

Removal of Condition Application Form (DOC, 416KB, 12 pages)
Use this form to apply for removal of a standard condition from your scope of practice.


Competence and Fitness

Competencies for Registration and Continuing Practice Handbook (PDF, 550KB, 12 pages)
Detailed information on the competencies required for registration and continuing practice as an Occupational Therapist in New Zealand.

Competencies for Registration and Continuing Practice Poster (PDF, 545KB, 2 pages)
A simple overview of the competencies required for registration and continuing practice as an Occupational Therapist in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Assessment of Fitness, Qualifications and Competence for Registration (PDF, 196KB, 2 pages)
Information on how we assess your application for registration.

Fitness Policy (PDF, 537KB, 6 pages)
Our policy on how we assess your fitness for registration and practice.

Competence Examination Information (PDF, 191KB, 2 pages)
Information for those who are required to take our competence exam in order to become registered.

Essential Reading for Cultural Competence (PDF, 258KB, 12 pages)
Useful information to help you understand cultural competency in Aotearoa New Zealand.

HRANZ Guidelines for Competency Referrals (PDF, 174KB, 18 pages)
HRANZ / DHB agreed guidelines for competency referrals.



ePortfolio Policy (PDF, 320KB, 7 pages)
Our policy on ePortfolio and practitioner engagement in ePortfolio.

ePortfolio Handbook (PDF, 3617KB, 34 pages)
A detailed guide to help you use ePortfolio.

ePortfolio User Guide (PDF, 1,175KB, 12 pages)
A technical guide to help you navigate and use ePortfolio.

myOTNBZ User Guide (PDF, 348KB, 5 pages)
A technical guide to help you navigate and use myOTBNZ.


ePortfolio Audit Policy (PDF, 181KB, 5 pages)
Our policy on the ePortfolio audit process.

ePortfolio Audit Standards (PDF, 105KB, 1 page)
Our ePortfolio audit standards based on the Competencies and Code of Ethics.

ePortfolio Audit Tool (PDF, 203KB, 3 pages)
The tool used by our ePortfolio auditors to assess your ePortfolio participation and engagement.

Starter Questions for Competency Area 2 (PDF, 427KB, 2 pages)
Some helpful starter questions for Competency Area 2 – Practising biculturally in Aotearoa New Zealand.