Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand

Resources for safe practice

We’ve created a range of publications to help you provide a safe working environment and safe relationships for you, your co-workers and consumers. This section has some of the publications you’ll need.

General Scope of Practice (PDF)
The definition of Scope you work under as an occupational therapist and the qualifications you must have.

Code of Ethics (PDF)
The ethical standards for occupational therapists.

Position Statement: Practice Boundaries for Occupational Therapists (PDF)
Our position on providing services beyond the general Scope of Practice.

Practice Boundaries for Occupational Therapists – A Guide for Practitioners (PDF)
Information and guidance on maintaining a professional relationship with your clients.

Professional Boundaries (PDF)
An Occupational Therapist’s guide to the importance of appropriate professional boundaries

Competencies for Registration and Continuing Practice Handbook (PDF)
Detailed information on the competencies required for registration and continuing practice as an Occupational Therapist in New Zealand.

Policy for the use of Occupational Therapy Qualifications and or Titles (PDF)
Our policy for the use of Occupational Therapy Titles.

Policy on when Registration and a Practising Certificate is required (PDF)
Our policy to give you guidance on when registration and a practising certificate is required.

Telehealth Guidelines for Occupational Therapists (PDF)

Guidelines for Social Media and Electronic Communication (PDF)

Guidelines for delegation to personnel who are not under the direction of an Occupational Therapist (PDF)
Guidelines for what tasks can be delegated to an assistant and when it is appropriate.

Guidelines for delegation to an Occupational Therapy Assistant (PDF)

Guidelines for when you need to pass tasks to non-regulated staff members (DOC)

New legislation that will impact practitioners (PDF)
Two regulatory frameworks that will have an impact on the health sector