Resources for safe practice

We’ve created a range of publications to help you provide a safe working environment and safe relationships for you, your co-workers and consumers. This section has some of the publications you’ll need.

General Scope of Practice (PDF, 185KB, 1 page)
The definition of Scope you work under as an occupational therapist and the qualifications you must have.

Code of Ethics (PDF, 649KB, 1 page)
The ethical standards for occupational therapists.

Guidelines for Social Media and Electronic Communication (PDF, 756KB, 7 pages)
Information and guidance on maintaining privacy when using social media and electronic communication.

Position Statement: Practice Boundaries for Occupational Therapists (PDF, 302KB, 5 pages)
Our position on providing services beyond the general Scope of Practice.

Professional Boundaries for Occupational Therapists – A Guide for Practitioners (PDF, 812KB, 11 pages)
Information and guidance on maintaining a professional relationship with your clients.

Policy for the use of Occupational Therapy Qualifications and or Titles (PDF, 218KB, 3 pages)
Our policy for the use of Occupational Therapy Titles.

Policy on when Registration and a Practising Certificate is required (PDF, 415KB, 9 pages)
Our policy to give you guidance on when registration and a practising certificate is required.

Guidelines for delegation to personnel who are not under the direction of an Occupational Therapist (PDF, 346KB, 9 pages)
Guidelines for what tasks can be delegated to an assistant and when it is appropriate.

Guidelines for delegation to an Occupational Therapy Assistant (PDF, 346KB, 9 pages)
Guidelines for when you need to pass tasks to non-regulated staff memebers.