Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand



Information on how we assess your application for registration

Competencies for Registration and Continuing Practice April 2015 (PDF, 550KB, 12 pages)
Information on our competence areas. The outcomes occupational therapists must achieve and abilities/actions they must show.

Competencies Poster (PDF, 544KB, 2 Pages)
A useful reference for the current 5 competency areas.

ePortfolio handbook (PDF, 5.9MB, 34 Pages)
A guide to help you use e-Portfolio to your best advantage.

Fitness Policy (DOC, 536.17KB, 6 pages)
Policy to efficiently and consistently assess occupational therapists in regards to fitness

OTBNZ Competence Examination information (DOC, 294KB, 2 pages)
Information on what is needed if we decide to test your competence as an occupational therapist

HRANZ/DHB Agreed Guidelines for Competency Referrals July 2010 (PDF, 174KB, 18 pages)
Guidelines for managing the competency notification processes.

Application for Removal of Conditions on General Scope of Practice (DOC, 416KB, 8 pages)
The form required to have a condition moved from your general scope of practice

Competence Assessment Application Form (DOC, 296KB, 10 pages)
A form required as part of registration as an occupational therapists

Competence Assessor Expression of Interest Form (PDF, 217KB, 2 pages)
If you would like to become a competence assessor complete this form and return it to us

Competence Assessors Self Assessment Marking Grid (DOC, 864KB, 3 pages)
Competence Assessors use this form to communicate your competence to the Board.

Competence Assessors _ Removal of Condition Template (DOC, 208KB, 1 page)
Competence Assessors will complete this form and send it the Board after assessing your application for removal of conditions.

My Continuing Competence Form (DOC, 114KB, 8 pages)
To help you record your development against our competencies while we transition to the new ePortfolio tool we have created this form

Payment form (DOC, 226KB, 1 page)
Please complete this when sending in a payment to us

Fitness Reference Form (DOC, 411KB, 4 pages)
This form must be completed and forms part of registration documents

Return to practice plan (DOC, 22.6KB, 3 pages)
If you have been out of the workforce for over three years or you haven’t worked as an occupational therapist for over five years then you will need to complete a return to practice plan.

Request for Verification of Registration Certificate (PDF, 215KB, 1 page)
If you would like a letter of good standing you must complete this form and send in the appropriate fee

Statutory Declaration (DOC, 207KB, 2 pages)
A form you need to complete when registering

Request for NZ Criminal Conviction History – Third Party (PDF, 2140KB, 5 pages)
You will need to complete this form and return it to us when you are registering with us.

An Examination of Preparedness for Practice of New Zealand Graduates (DOC, 294KB, 2 pages)
A report on how prepared graduates from New Zealand are to practice

Checklist for New Zealand graduates applying for a Practising Certificate 12 months after Registration (Doc, 17KB, 2 pages)
A checklist to help you when you apply for your first practising certificate twelve months after you register.

Code of Ethics (PDF, 648.97, 16 pages)
The ethical standards occupational therapists must adhere to

Cultural Safety  An Article (PDF, 3.76KB, 6 pages)
A 2006 article on how to be culturally safe when practicing

Essential reading for Cultural Competence (DOC, 254KB, 12 pages)
Reading we recommend to practice with cultural competence in Aotearoa New Zealand

General Scope of Practice (DOC, 308KB, 1 page)
The definition and scope occupational therapists work under and the qualifications they must have

Health Practitioner Competence Assurance Act (HPCAA) 2003 (external website)
The legislation we work within

Information for Registered Practitioners who have not Commenced Practising 12 months After Registration (DOc, 271KB, 11 pages)
Information to help you gain your first Practising Certificate if you apply 12 months or more after registering.

myOTBNZ user guide (PDF, 360.95KB, 5 pages)
How to use myOtbnz for practitioners

Our Fees (DOC, 295KB, 2 pages)
A list of our fees

Policy for the Use of Occupational Therapy Qualifications and/or Titles (DOC, 294KB 2 pages)
Our policy on when to use the qualifications and/or titles of occupational therapy

Position Statement Practice Boundaries for Occupational Therapists (DOC, 227KB, 3 pages)
Our position on providing services beyond the general scope of practice

Privacy Policy
Our updated privacy policy

World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT) Statement of Occupational Therapy (PDF, 28.29KB. 1 page)
A statement of occupational therapy from our international organisation


Annual Reports

2006 Annual Report (PDF,261KB, 20 pages)
2007 Annual Report (PDF, 2MB, 24 pages)
2008 Annual Report (PDF, 563KB, 24 pages)
2009 Annual Report (PDF, 1.13MB, 28 pages)
2010 Annual Report (PDF, 1MB, 32 pages)
2011 Annual Report (PDF, 1.07MB, 32 pages)
2012 Annual Report (PDF, 1.47MB, 34 pages)
2013 Annual Report (PDF, 1.07MB,  36 pages)
2014 Annual Report (PDF, 1.23MB, 36 pages)
2015 Annual Report (PDF, 1.23MB, 36 pages)
2016 Annual Report (PDF, 1.03MB, 40 pages)

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan to 2010 (PDF, 68.34KB, 1 page)
Strategic Plan to 2015 (PDF, 4.61KB, 31 pages)
Strategic Plan 2015 – 2018 (PDF, 4.61KB, 12 pages)

If you’re concerned about the care you’re receiving:

If you’re concerned about the care they’re providing, you should discuss it with them. If you’re not comfortable doing this on your own, you can use a support person or health advocate.

The Health and Disability Commissioner offers an advocate service.

If you have a concern about an occupational therapist that you would like the Board to address we require information in writing. To help you provide information to us we have created this form for you to complete and return to us.

If you have questions or concerns, or would like to discuss the care you’ve received from an occupational therapist, you can also contact us.

If you have a complaint:

If you’re still not satisfied after speaking to your occupational therapist, you can make a complaint.

You can make a complaint directly to the Health and Disability Commissioner.

Alternatively you can contact us.

We’ll need to know your name, the occupational therapist you’re making the complaint against, the date and time of the service you’ve received and a description of what happened.

Please note we can’t act on anonymous complaints.

Complaints Process
 (PDF, 810.87KB, 4 pages)
Our complaints process: How you can make a complaint.

Confidence in your health practitioner (PDF, 1.66MB, 2 pages)
A brochure from the Ministry of Health on how you can be confident of the care you receive.

Raising a Concern about an Occupational Therapist (DOCx, 127KB, 4 pages)
This form is to help you communicate your concerns about an occupational therapist to the Board..