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Updates on COVID-19 (novel coronavirus)


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Decision- making tree for Level 2

Decision-making tree for Level 3 & 4

COVID-19 FAQs for Level 2

COVID-19 FAQs for Level 3 & 4

Results of our COVID-19 survey conducted during the level 3 lockdown

MoH Advice on Moving to Alert Level 1 for community allied health, scientific and technical providers

Read our joint statement with OTNZ-WNA (May 2020)

Updated advice around when to provide face-to-face contact

Occupational Health Assessment Tool for Vulnerable Workers

Protecting Vulnerable DHB Staff During COVID-19 Guide for People Leaders and Line Managers

Policy on essential worker designation for students completing training placements

Statement on scopes of practice, competence, and responding to COVID-19

OTBNZ webinar and our Powerpoint on ‘Practising as an essential service during Covid 19 pandemic’

Our Telehealth Guidelines for Practitioners

Tips to use Zoom safely

Read the media release from the Ministry of Health

Read our joint statement with OTNZ-WNA (March 2020)

Access our 3 Practising Certificate payment options to help practitioners pay for their APC

Our list of resources that may help inform decision making

‘In Conversation’ with practitioners

Interview with Dr Martin Chadwick
Interview with Diane Henare
Interview with Becky George
Interview with Kirsty Connell
Interview with Susan Mary Ripley
Interview with Fran Smith
Interview with Jane Hopkirk
Interview with Jonathan Armstrong
Interview with Sally Wallace
Interview  with Tracey Partridge

Delivering Safe Care

The OTBNZ is aware that the COVID-19 situation may present many challenges for health practitioners, and occupational therapists may be called on to act in unfamiliar ways.

We encourage practitioners to use their professional judgement to deliver safe care informed by the Competencies for Practice and Code of Ethics. The key principles which should be followed include the need to work cooperatively with colleagues to keep people safe, to practise in line with the best available evidence and to recognise and work within the limits of their competence. The Board has a framework for assessing boundaries to practice which can be accessed here.

The Ministry of Health COVID-19 website is updated daily with information about the virus, including a section specifically for health practitioners.