Occupational Therapy Board of New Zealand

Bi-cultural practice

Resource list
A list of online resources and bi cultural courses available in New Zealand

Te Rito – A Free bicultural course for all practitioners. Please email terito@otboard.org.nz for your login details. Please click here for more information on the course

Practising appropriately for bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand via Te Poutama – Powerpoint Presentation

Stand with Māori What does it mean to be a Tauiwi Treaty Partner – Powerpoint Presentation

Three video learning and education modules on understanding bias in health care were developed for Wiki Haumaru Tūroro/ Patient Safety Week 2019. The video modules can be accessed here and the full set of modules can be completed on LearnOnline

Starter Questions for Competency Area 2 (PDF)
Some helpful starter questions for Competency Area 2 – Practising biculturally in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Occupational Therapy New Zealand-Whakaora Ngangahau (OTNZ-WNA) has provided free access to several of the articles listed below to support appropriate occupational therapy practice for bicultural Aotearoa New Zealand. https://www.otnz.co.nz/publications/bicultural-ot-practice-journal-articles-free-access/